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VoiceOfBharat.org shares the audio interviews of Sarpanch's from the following villages. To listen, use the village search and put the name of the village and you will be directed to the village demographics and interviews.
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India has 593 731 villages as per Census 2001. These numbers are unlikely to change when the results of Census 2011 get announced.

VoiceOfBharat.org shares demographic information (2001) of each of India's villages online, and we also have the technology to have village wise videos on the page of the demographic analysis plus a link to the developmental projects that are taking shape across India's villages. We invite people to take benefit of this technology.

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593 731 villages
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From 8th March 2011, VoiceOfBharat.org has started taking interviews of the heads of villages - Sarpanch's - to understand the social & developmental challenges at the village level and how the Sarpanch's are addressing these challenges. These interviews will be in local language and will be only in audio format. Each interview will be shared on the page of the village of the Sarpanch.