Share your videos of your village wise / issue wise programmes

Developmental Videos
A large number of small to medium sized NGOs / CBOs / SHGs are working in villages of India on multiple issues. would like to help them by giving visibility to their work. If you are such an organisation, or an organisation / individual funding their work, either send the videos of their work to our office, or load them on youtube and send us the link. Ensure to share the date when the video was taken, so that people can know the status of the village as of that date. We will share the videos, villagewise.

To see sample programme, go to search engine and search for Hemalkasa Village in Gadchiroli district
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Just share any video. It can be the village school or a religios place
While the purpose of is to give Voice to the people and issues of India, and typically, we are working with underprivileged communities, we would like to give the benefit of the technology to the privileged individuals who may like to share the small school they were educated in, or the banyan tree at the entry of the village, or the religious places in their village or just a typical house in their village. This will help young children understand village life and also see their native places.

Just load the videos on youtube and mail us the link
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Financial Inclusion

CSR Consulting teams have visited 2000 villages of Thane and Pune districts for financial literacy programmes of TJSB. We will facilitate village reachout for another bank in 400 villages between March to April 2011. Our datacentre has 50 000 NGOs across the country and we are in the process of converting this data into a network to help banks across the country reachout villagers to work on the government's agenda of financial inclusion.