White Papers on Social & Developmental Issues

White papers on developmental issues would cover
National overview covering status and statistics
Regional overview - in case there are any specific regions affected by the issue, a brief note on the same
Government Initiatives including policies, schemes and legal stand
Current challenges and solutions including current replicable, scalable programmes and initiatives covering the organisations behind them
Key NGOs, Corporates, Funding Agencies working on the issue
Key people in the sector

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Financial Inclusion

CSR Consulting teams have visited 2000 villages of Thane and Pune districts for financial literacy programmes of TJSB. We will facilitate village reachout for another bank in 400 villages between March to April 2011. Our datacentre has 50 000 NGOs across the country and we are in the process of converting this data into a network to help banks across the country reachout villagers to work on the government's agenda of financial inclusion.