Services from CSR Consulting : CSR Programmes

Corporate Services
Philanthropy : Recommending social & developmental issues for social investment; identifying geographies within the given issue; identifying and facilitating partnerships with credible NGOs; auditing the programmes and presenting a report in text and video format.
Identifying NGOs for brand partnership, cause related marketing
Identifying NGOs for promotion of commercial products or services
Volunteering Management & Audit
Business Processes : White paper on the CSR in Business Processes for specific industries, covering Indian companies within the industry as well as global fortune 500 companies within the industry (resource)
Business Policies : Preparing CSR Policies (resource)
Enhancing corporate / brand identity
Campaign management for CSR or Brands - only social & developmental issues in India
Identifying niche award spaces within the social & developmental sector and reaching out to potential awardees

Specific to Banks
Financial Inclusion Programmes : Reaching out to villages above or below 2000 population and organising meetings with villagers to promote the banking services

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Financial Inclusion

CSR Consulting teams have visited 2000 villages of Thane and Pune districts for financial literacy programmes of TJSB. We will facilitate village reachout for another bank in 400 villages between March to April 2011. Our datacentre has 50 000 NGOs across the country and we are in the process of converting this data into a network to help banks across the country reachout villagers to work on the government's agenda of financial inclusion.