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Thought leaders & experts share the present status, key initiatives, as well as the role of governments, corporates, MPs, media and others


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What is the purpose of VoiceOfBharat.org ?
VoiceOfBharat.org brings you the social & developmental canvas of india through data, information and analysis of issues with the help of National Thought Leaders & Experts, District Level Operational Experts and Village Panchayat Heads. The portal presents the information in text and audio format and you will soon find a book edited on the Social & Developmental Canvas by the editor of the portal.

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Financial Inclusion

CSR Consulting teams have visited 2000 villages of Thane and Pune districts for financial literacy programmes of TJSB. We will facilitate village reachout for another bank in 400 villages between March to April 2011. Our datacentre has 50 000 NGOs across the country and we are in the process of converting this data into a network to help banks across the country reachout villagers to work on the government's agenda of financial inclusion.